Maziiba Holdings Ltd was certified by National Environmental Management Authority(NEMA) to transport Hazardous and non-hazardous waste (i.e metallic, rubber, electronic, plastic, biowaste etc) to its collection centres or other gazetted areas for disposal.

For the many clients/companies we have worked with, appreciate our services and always give Maziiba the first priority.

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reduce,reuse and recycle

Maziiba Holdings Ltd has seen dramatic changes in its waste management policy and we have enjoyed cordial and strong working relations with a number of companies through providing the services of waste management in recent years. However, Maziiba Holdings Ltd also understands that improper waste management activities can lead to negative environmental and public health impacts and thus we set up policies which govern our staff and partners in dealing with waste before and after it is produced, including its minimization, transfer, storage, separation, recovery, recycling, and final disposal.

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Maziiba Holdings Ltd has the experience in setting-up and managing already existing landfills, waste transfer stations and different kinds of waste reprocessing facilities. It’s through this experience that Maziiba holdings ltd was asssigned a task of managing municipal waste at Katikolo waste management facility in Mukono district, Uganda.

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Message From The Managing Director

sseguya samual

Maziiba Holdings Ltd has progressively dealt with wastes of different categories from both Hazardous and Non- Hazardous materials; like plastic wastes, metal scraps, organic waste, Used Toner Catridges, Toner and Cartridges waste,  used batteries both liquid acid and powdered batteries and MRE waste.

In 1995 the company handled its first waste materials from the refurbishment of Entebbe International Air Port. The waste materials mainly composed of metal scraps and some Toner and Cartridges.

We are currently handling a number of projects of the same nature.

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