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    • Good day pleae,

      Osbert here, from Maziiba Holdings ltd.

      The client relation office asked me to follow up with you since you were one of the people who visited our website in the previous month and you took time to peruse through our website.

      I understand how busy life can get, so thank you!

      But the client relations service wanted me to check in with you to make sure if you had any questions about the services of Maziiba Holdings Ltd offers that I answer them for you!

      Please let me know if you have any questions 🙂


      Osbert Sseguya
      Quality Control Manager
      Maziiba Holdings Ltd
      ———- Forwarded message ———-

      From: Viola Nabayego
      Subject: Can you make sure to help the sender of this email?
      To: osbert Sseguya

      Hey Osbert, The sender of this very email happened to visit our website and left an interesting feedback. Make sure to reach out to him/her and say thank you! Also, I really want to make sure he/she gets any questions answered about the services of our company if he/she has them. Would love to get him/her in touch,

      Viola Nabayego
      Client Relations Officer
      Maziiba Holdings Ltd

      Sent from my iPad

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