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Maziiba Holdings Ltd was certified by National Environmental Management Authority(NEMA) to transport Hazardous and non-hazardous waste (i.e metallic, rubber, electronic, plastic, biowaste etc) to its collection centres or other gazetted areas for disposal.

For the many clients/companies we have worked with, appreciate our services and always give Maziiba the first priority.

Waste Management

drainage waste

Maziiba Holdings Ltd has seen dramatic changes in its waste management policy and we have enjoyed cordial and strong working relations with a number of companies through providing the services of waste management in recent years. However, Maziiba Holdings Ltd also understands that improper waste management activities can lead to negative environmental and public health impacts and thus we set up policies which govern our staff and partners in dealing with waste before and after it is produced, including its minimization, transfer, storage, separation, recovery, recycling, and final disposal.



Maziiba Holdings Ltd has the experience in setting-up and managing already existing landfills, waste transfer stations and different kinds of waste reprocessing facilities. It’s through this experience that Maziiba holdings ltd was asssigned a task of managing municipal waste at Katikolo waste management facility in Mukono district, Uganda.

Metallic scrap disposal

Maziiba is licensed to handle metallic waste to disposal sites or metal recycling plants but however some metallic scrap is recovered/reused.

metal scrap

Plastic waste disposal

Since our major objective in waste management is “Value Addition”, we have always purified the plastic waste to come up with various products for our clients. Our research team has facilitated to research on oil made from plastics as a means of adding value to the would be “waste”.

plastic waste

Domestic waste disposal

We have a qualified and experienced team to handle(i.e collect, package and transport) domestic waste to disposal sites around Uganda. In 2011, Maziiba started up a disposal site for the domestic waste and in a way of adding value to the waste, we make fertilisers which are cheap and reliable to farmers.

domestic waste

rubber waste disposal

Most commonly disposed rubber waste are Used Tires. These used tires are collected and transported to disposal sites.These used tires are either recycled or disposed off by incineration. But with an objective of value addition, oil is extracted from these tires which is used by companies that require lubricants to move machine parts.

rubber waste

Disposal of electrictronic waste

We repair and reuse electrical appliances in case its possible or dismantle them for recovery of other recyclable material components e.g  Copper, brass and steel. We assess the condition of the waste and dismantle it into smaller parts easy to pack and transport to our waste station for the subsequent stages of scrap management.Non recyclable and non reusable components are incinerated at NAKASONGOLA facility


hazardous waste disposal

We have a qualified and experienced team to handle(i.e collect, package and transport) hazardous waste (i.e hazardous soil, biomedical equipments, wasted oil, grease and other petroleum products) to its disposal site in katikolo,Mukono district.


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